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Do you remember any pranks from your high school days?

Original post made by Don Frances, Mountain View Voice Editor, on Jun 22, 2007

We got some great responses for this week's Voices Around Town (see below). Please share with us your own memories of senior high school pranks -- whether they happened years ago, decades ago or two weeks ago.

(Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Melody Dye.)

"We didn't do much in high school since we were so goody-goody. This one time though we used the school letterhead to send a scandalous note to one of our friends. Unfortunately we addressed it wrong and the post delivered it back to the principal!"
--Kim Ahmad, Mountain View

"When I was a junior, the senior class turned the school's Olympic-sized swimming pool into a lake of dog food. A bunch of guys hopped the fence and poured something like a thousand tons of Kibble into the pool."
--Jordan Blake, San Mateo

"Our school had this band practice room where all the band geeks congregated to rehearse for concerts. This one time, as a prank, I opened the steam radiator and it flooded the room an inch or two deep while all the guys were practicing. Some other cat dumped fluorescent-green shark repellant in the water and tossed out a couple of life preservers."
--Rocky, New York (formerly Mountain View)

"In Japan we don't have that kind of thing. Always though we gave very funny nicknames to the teachers, like Gorilla, Cute Boy, Talky Talky. Another custom was to go to a teacher and to ask him to "free the class" when we didn't want to hear lecture anymore. ... It was maybe 50 percent successful."
--Marty Matsuo, Los Gatos

"In 1956, I went to Lowell High School in San Francisco. That year, some senior guys took two carloads down to North Beach. This one guy had a starter gun, the type they use in track races that shoots blanks. Well, we get down to the stoplight at the corner of Broadway and Kearney, and one car pushes a guy out the backseat and fires at him with the starter gun, then races off. The kid goes flat on the pavement. Then the other car pulls up, picks up the 'body,' and stuffs it in the back seat. It was all fun and games until Monday morning when we all get called into the principal's office and the cops were there, waiting for us."
--Richard Hudson, San Jose


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Posted by Albert B. Franklin
a resident of Castro City
on Jun 29, 2007 at 8:50 am

While attending the now defunct Whisman elementary, my friends and I would switch seats, and get each other in trouble when Mrs. Branis our 6th grade teacher was gone. Substitute teachers would see our room number, and refuse to teach there. Everybody excetp Mrs. Benezera, who was retired, and lived not far from Crittenden in a mobilehome park. One day, while taking the school bus, another student dared me to hit the bus drive with a spitwad. However, she saw the entire episode. When I tried, it went and hit up above the mirror. She stopped the bus on 101, and told us [a Friday] that we were suspended for 30 days. Come Monday, the other student and I hung onto the back of the bus, and got our ride anyways. To this day, all school buses have no outside handle which I attibute to myself and the hard headed kid. However, come Tuesday, the principal threatened to tell my mother, and that was the end of that. At the end of my suspencion, the Saturday before, a knock upon the door showed the bus driver greeting me with a hearty good morning. She met my mother but never breathed a word about what I and the knuckle headed oof did. Instead, she paid me $5 to cut her law 3 or 4 times. We used to quit every time some other one than Manual picked us for the softball team where Mrs. Brandis gave the winner a ten cent missle popcicle. We won every game, but Mrs. Brandis said we cheated, and gave us to each two while the losers got only one! When we graduated from there and went to Crittenden, we thought we'd all remember that day by all of us walking to school. The principal turned it into a living nighmare by getting Sandy's father blacklisted from Silicon Alley, as he was replaced by a rich kid that lived the the back then beautiful Mountain Shadows. The pricipal at Crittenden resigned, and became principal at the old Mountian View high, as he turned Manuel's life into a living hell which untimately got him killed by one of his brother's gangbanging friends who goes by his name now, but I also say the rich kid and his gay sidekick Gary Eaststep did it. At Crittenden, our english teacher, Mrs. Freelan, was reciting something, and somehow I picked up on what it was. She exlaimed I was doing my homework, but I had a reputation to uphold, so I got my frieds to see how untrue her suggestion was. She was not convinced, and invited all of us out to Stanford to meet her english professor husband. We went to a Stanford/Navy game, ate luch in the Student Union, and watch as a girl that built her own race car beat her boyfriend and took home the prize! We were about 11 back then! Void of what the principal and that rich kid got us in, we didn't do so bad!

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Posted by slr
a resident of Old Mountain View
on Jun 29, 2007 at 12:22 pm

I remember when the senior class in the late 60's took a toilet and placed it in the quad at Mt View high and made a paper miche figure of a guy and put it on the bell tower with the hose running up so it looked like it was peeing in the toilet. They did it over the weekend so when we came to school on monday morning there was water everywhere.