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Medical Marijuana Patients ( Hear our Voice )

Original post made by Ella B., Cuesta Park, on Feb 6, 2010

I am a 52 year old woman that has lived in Mtn View all my life. I suffer from Thyroid Cancer and medical marijuana is how I treat my illness. I do not take prescription drugs because of side effects. I really think that this city needs to listen to the will of the people like others have said lately. This county got the highest vote count when prop 215 was passed.
I have been standing on the side lines since I have heard this topic of a medical dispensary. Medical collectives are regulated by federal guidelines, State laws and county guidelines WHY, WHY do we need a council of 6 ( not even 7 ) to decide for a city of over 70,000 whether to allow them. The laws have been passed and guidelines have been set in place. Marijuana is a medicine. That is a fact. It has been used since the 1600s and was criminalized for no apparent reason. Do your homework before you assume things. I see so many ignorant people making comments they no nothing about quick to jump on the "say no" campaign. Yes, it is used for recreational but there has been no direct connection to any increased crime or deaths due to marijuana. Cities that state this have had these crimes prior. Look at the crime reports for these towns that have dispensaries. No unusual spike in crime. There are many drugs out there in the streets I am sure of. Marijuana is a medicine and should not be put in the same category as an illegal drug. I will stand with Jon Lustig and his group of patients to fight for our rights. Do not let this council put scare tactics to enact a ban to say "they want to look over the issue". This has been an issue since Mr. Lustig wanted to open in 2005. They should have discussed it then. Enacting a ban would hault everything so they could put this issue on the back burner for another couple years. They dont want to deal with real issues and real people they rather worry about how their city can grow and make money.
Please stand with Me, Jon Lustig, Brian David, Medical Patients and a State recognized non profit collective to preserve our rights. I would like everyone who reads this, to email asap each council member directly to let them know how you feel.


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Posted by medical patient
a resident of Monta Loma
on Feb 6, 2010 at 6:31 am

Web Link

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Posted by Ella B.
a resident of Cuesta Park
on Feb 6, 2010 at 6:33 am

Sorry heres the link to contact city council on this issue. Remember they will be dissucing Tues. Hear our voice. Web Link