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City Council wants re-election without dispute

Original post made by Larry Jeskin, Cuesta Park, on Aug 31, 2010

As our city council is looking to try and get re-elected while they seem to be pushing the real issues on the back burner. This is a sad site to see that with complicated issues here within our city, council looks to get re-elected before proceeding with any major issues.

This is a common re-occurrence with our council and city employees. They proceed to say that everybody is doing a great job. Why not, our city officials and employees get paid more than larger cities like San Jose. Ridiculous, how our own Kevin Duggan, the city manager, gets paid more than the San Jose city manager, a much bigger job.

Where are our tax dollars really going? To overpaid, underachieving city councilmen and city officials? To overpaid, power abusing police officers that illegally detain and arrest medical marijuana patients? To firefighters that make house calls because the pot of water is boiling over on someones stove?

As there paychecks go up and the city keeps hiring on more people to do the same jobs, sensitive issues will never be looked at because of re-election is near and our city officials are very happy with what they have.

We need to stop talking and start acting. Holding our city accountable for there actions. Time for change


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Posted by Tea Partyer
a resident of Old Mountain View
on Aug 31, 2010 at 4:10 pm

They get away with it due to voter apathy. Just look at the case of Bell, CA where based only 400 voters showed up to approve a ballot measure that would lead to the city manager earning nearly 1.5 million in pay and compensation, the Police Chief nearly $500,00), and the part-time council members nearly $100,000.

In Mountain View, few get involved in the city or school politics so the same old faces are free to run-a-muck and unchallenged while they set in motion plans to pay themselves handsomely. It's a tried and true formula in areas where voter turn-out is low and the population is largely uninformed.

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Posted by Julia
a resident of Rex Manor
on Sep 3, 2010 at 9:54 am

This is despicable and our city residents need to speak out on these over paid officials. Our city officials worry about googles profits and how they can capitalize on it. Somehow someway there always looking to make money. EX. trying to raise our city tax. Restriction of medical marijuana for patients unless they can profit. Ridiculous!