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High-speed rail price tag drops by $30B in new plan

Original post made on Apr 5, 2012

California's proposed high-speed rail system would extend from the Central Valley to the Los Angeles Basin within the next decade and would cost $30 billion less than previous estimates indicated under a new business plan that the agency charged with building the system released April 2.

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Posted by Zap
a resident of Shoreline West
on Apr 5, 2012 at 3:05 pm

STOP THIS HUGE WASTE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS! Yeah, I'm an ignorant and uninformed voter in the state of California, and I'm CONVINCED (NOT!!!) that NOW that the public is raising an uproar, the whole project will cost less!!! Well, it will cost less AT LEAST until just past the date of no return when the project can no longer just be cancelled - THEN, the news will surface that it will actually cost well over $130 BILLION DOLLARS (that's ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY followed by NINE ZEROES before you reach the decimal point), which is TRIPLE THE COST of the project when California voters narrowly approved it in 2008. THESE ARROGANT, SELF-SERVING POLITICIANS AND HIGH SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY BOARD MEMBERS apparently feel that the rest of us are ignorant, uninformed and just plain stupid. All that the voters have been fed have been LIES LIES LIES ... did you notice WHERE the first leg of this PORK BARREL TRAIN PROJECT goes FROM and TO??? I'm SHOCKED! (not) ... it goes FROM the San Fernando Valley to the nearly deserted southern portion of the central valley which is RIPE for real estate development and agricultural development. SO, southern Californians are once again trying to RAM THIS DOWN THE THROATS of the rest of Californians who DON'T WANT THIS WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONIES TO CONTINUE! As a Democratic voter in Anna Eschoo's district, I feel like I've been BETRAYED by her and her siding with this corrupt and problem-ridden PORK BARREL PROJECT for our oh-so-good buddies in the labor unions and in the real estate industry in the southern portion of the central valley. YO! HEY ANNA!!! QUIT playing quid pro quo games with southern California politicians, union leaders and big business moguls! It is UNETHICAL at the very least if YOU vote for their little pet project, a project that will undoubtedly make BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for many of these soCal politicians AND for many of the members of the California High Speed Rail Authority's Board of Directors (the veil has been lifted Mr. Dan Richard, Chairman of the Board of the High Speed Rail Authority -- WE'RE ON TO YOU, you lying, deceiptful, and corrupt S.O.B.!!! The benefits of this horrible waste and misuse of taxpayers funds to southern California ARE HUGE! But the benefits to central and northern Californians are QUESTIONABLE to put it mildly, or to put it more sensibly, the benefits to central and northern Californians are miniscule. WE central and northern Californians will PAY for the majority of this joke of a rail system, but southern Californians will be the ones MAKING HUGE PROFITS as they sell right-of-way land THAT THEY BOUGHT FOR ALMOST PENNIES PER ACRE (as well as agricultural land with poor access that was worth ZERO before the high speed rail system) for BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS after buying it for just a few thousand dollars. STOP THIS HUGE WASTE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS!