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Safe at Walmart?

Original post made by Customer, St. Francis Acres, on Apr 13, 2012

I witnessed an interesting incident at Walmart in Mtn. View today. The lines around 2:00 were very long, and as usual, not enough open cash registers. A 20-item line opened and one woman had more than 20 items in her cart. Thus, she told the cashier to count 20 items and she would leave the rest because she was in a hurry and the other lines were to long. Nothing wrong with that - it's still only 20 items and the store was at fault for not having more lines open.

But now I recall why I hate shopping at Walmart: the clientele. A woman started yelling at the customer because she was upset that the customer had too many items in her cart, failing to understand that the customer was only checking through with 20 items in the 20 item line. The irate woman took her arm and shoved the items on the counter back into the customer's cart, while ranting and raving, many of the items falling to the floor. Meanwhile, another employee told the woman her behavior was irresponsible and he would allow the customer to check out due to the irate woman's behavior, to which, the woman threw her items across the store and demanded to see a manager. All of this, of course, delayed the entire line because the cashier was too timid to continue until the customer reminded her the other employee approved.

In conclusion, the original customer left the store with her 20 items and the manager was nowhere to be seen. All the irate customer did was hold up the line and scatter items onto the floor, which an employee had to pick up.

No wonder a woman was mixing meth for 6 hours in an Oklahoma Walmart before security noticed.

And today, a meth lab was found inside a Walmart restroom in Alabama.

With customers who lack appropriate behavior, and managers who don't care that there is nearly physical violence in the store, is it even safe to shop at Walmart?

Perhaps not; I'll go back to Target, where they have plenty of open cashier lanes and the customers have more class while the store is a much better environment.


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Posted by Ned
a resident of Old Mountain View
on Apr 13, 2012 at 6:53 am

So just stop shopping at Walmart and even Target and your problem is solved. What do you honestly expect from a large corporation plying cheap wares from China and seeking maximum profit while undermining local competition? Have you been living on the moon?