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Pesticide Spraying at Pioneer Park

Original post made by strawberry, Old Mountain View, on Sep 13, 2012

As a resident of Mountain I felt I needed to share this important information.

I was walking with my dogs Wednesday morning (9/12/12) at Pioneer Park and saw the grass being sprayed with Pesticide. Pesticide signs no bigger than my hand were posted on grass. I talked to the gentleman in charge (Jakob Trconic) asking why pesticide is being sprayed. His response was because of clovers. He said the City of Mountain View wants the grass to look good. He explained the grass is safe after 2hours which is how long it takes the pesticide to dry. I told him how is it going to dry when the grass at Pioneer Park and Eagle Park are wet 365 days out of the year. In some areas its muddy in other areas there is standing water. He was well aware of this and had no answer for me. I asked him so you can guarantee that the grass is safe after that? All his replies had “we try are best.” His argument also had its government approved pesticide, the manufacturer says its safe, its low grade, all the other cities are doing it, and we do it at Eagle Park too (?). He also mentioned that they try not to spray too often (Why? It’s so safe?). I asked him why the public wasn’t made aware of pesticide spraying and he said they did tell the public. They told us by posting signs at park two days before. I told him I walked through the park on Monday and did not see such signs. I did not make it to the park on Tuesday, so I don’t know if signs were posted. I mentioned to Jakob, so the only residents that know of the pesticide spraying are the residents that happen to be at the park on the two days the signs were posted? He replied yes. Several hours later I go back to park and you would never know pesticide had just been sprayed. Adults, kids and dogs were on the newly sprayed areas playing and eating.

The Parks department will be spraying pesticide again at Pioneer Park Friday morning. The two day notice to the public started at 3:45 on Wednesday for Friday morning pesticide spraying. Not exactly two day notice. I know this because I was walking out of the library when I saw Jakob Trconic (Parks Section Manager) posting the notice signs.

These downtown parks are high traffic areas. There are organic alternatives. You can even pull broadleaf weeds and clovers out. If you really want to try and keep the residents safe (like you told me) you can NOT SPRAY PESTICIDES…PERIOD.

Caution Sign Stated
Caution Pesticide-Treated Area
Name of Pesticide: TURFLON and Mecomec
Dow E.P.A. Reg.No. 62719-40
Dow E.P.A. Reg.No. 2217-674
Today’s Date: 9/10/12
Application Date: 9/12/12
Treated Area: Turf areas to control broadleaf weeds and clover
Location Name: Pioneer Park
If you need more information ask Jakob Trconic, Parks Section Manager
Do not play on the treated area
Wash your hands and exposed skin if you touch the treated area before spray has dried.
Parks office# (650) 903-6326


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Posted by Sparty
a resident of Shoreline West
on Sep 13, 2012 at 11:51 am

Here, I did your homework for you. If you have internet access, google is a good start.
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Posted by strawberry
a resident of Old Mountain View
on Sep 13, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Thanks, Sparty. I've been on the Internet doing my homework. My post is mainly to let residents know and they can decide whether this is important to them.