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Kids like Summer Outdoor Movie

Original post made by Stacy Callahan, Blossom Valley, on Jul 29, 2013

Last Friday night, I went to Eagle Park to watch the Summer Outdoor Movie, “Wreck-it Ralph”. I liked the movie. It was about video games. And it was animated which made it look funny. A lot of families came to watch the movie.
My family brought a blanket and a chair. We first set down the blanket, but the problem was I couldn’t see. So my dad set down the chair. Before the movie, most people were just waiting for the movie to start, but there were a few kids playing soccer and tag. I feel they could put on some more fun activities before the movie such as hula hoop or more music to keep everyone entertained.
Since there were so many people, I was worried that they would not have any more popcorn, but they kept making more popcorn. So even though we got there kind of late, we still got a bag of popcorn.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie, I didn’t see anyone leave early. I like the Outdoor Movie Night as much as I enjoyed the movie!