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Safeway's Tracking of Alcolhol Purchases

Original post made by Pissed at Safeway, The Crossings, on Oct 31, 2013

Safeway, at least the store on San Antonio Road, is now tracking shoppers' purchases of alcohol. The company, or at least that store, recently implemented a policy of not only verifying purchaser's age (at least 21, of course), but also of *recording* the purchaser's date of birth.

Safeway, at least three managers at that store that I spoke to personally, all claimed that the policy is required under a new California law. However, all three managers are unable (or unwilling) to provide a legal citation for such. In fact, I cannot find a reference to such a law or any legal requirement for recording the actual dates of birth for purchasers of alcohol. Now I am not a lawyer, and I don't even play one on TV. However, I believe that Safeway is actually violating California state law by the recording of purchasers' dates of birth. Specifically, under section 1747.08 of the Song Beverly Act of 1971, merchants are prohibited from asking consumers for personal information.

At the very least, Safeway's new policy has been poorly implemented with too little information about the new 'requirement,' and it has certainly pissed off this customer. All Safeway needs to know is that I am of legal age to purchase alcohol.