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From Grand Boulevard to Grand Canyons!

Original post made by Jim Neal, Old Mountain View, on Mar 4, 2014

After reviewing the "place making" plans for Phase II of the San Antonio Center Project in the study session memo, I can't say that I see much if any improvement to the design. You can tell that the company that came up with this concept is used to working with much larger cities because they want the city to install such things as JUMBOTRONS, BOCCE BALL COURTS,and a GAMES AREA. Someone should have told them that we are not MANHATTAN! (Or maybe someone told them that we wanted to be Manhattan).

The Study Session Memo also has pictures of the desired outcome for building placement, such as the one on page 15 which is from the already completed Phase I. When I look at the picture a see a long canyon-like street with long shadows cast across it. I was thinking that maybe I could go there and have a picture taken; me in my cowboy hat and a tumbleweed rolling across in the street in the background! I mean really, is this what we want here? I know I don't!

I don't get what we're trying to accomplish, but it seems to me like we'll have the Grand Boulevard on the Phase I side, and Grand Canyons for Phase II with the Milk Pail falling between the cracks!

I suggest that everyone take a good look at the "Study Session Memo" which is a link in the "Study Session" section, on the agenda found here:

( Web Link ).

I hope everyone will show up for the study session tonight at City Hall and make your voice heard whether you are for or against this design. After all, it's your city!

Jim Neal
Candidate, City Council
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