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Police Chief Vermeer as Google's next "top cop"?

Original post made by Barry Burr, Rex Manor, on Jun 3, 2014

Putting two + two together, Chief Vermeer appears in line to be Google's next "police chief". The former chief in Menlo Park, who Chief Vermeer came up through the ranks under, worked for SIS at Sony, and is now Sony's Senior Manager of Operations in Enterprise Risk and Security Services. This places him in charge of the security guards and related positions there.
Now Chief Vermeer is being hired by his former long time bosses company.
Recalling a protest the Voice reported on last summer at Google, Google's security guards are being treated to abusive scheduling and repressive unlivable wages for this area.
Google's security guards, essentially their private police force, is run by SIS.
Possible connection?
One hand washes the other?
Hiring a city's police chief that your company has a history of pushing hard to get your way with, to now represent you to that city?
OR is it bringing in someone with "unique perspective and experience" that it takes someone with a track record like MV Police Chief Vermeer to take charge of, to address issues that have been and will continue to remain hot buttons in the community, to find ways to keep both MV and Google seeing the same way about?
I see enormous opportunity for improved quality of life issues and labor relations between Google and its workers with both the residents and government of Mountain View if SIS places Chief Vermeer at Google as its new 'top cop'.


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