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After four months, Vargas Elementary finally has electricity

Original post made on Dec 19, 2019

A dispute between PG&E and a Mountain View homeowners' association meant Vargas Elementary School opened in August without a permanent power supply. As of this week, the school is officially hooked up to the grid.

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Posted by CHW
a resident of North Whisman
on Dec 19, 2019 at 3:44 pm

Classic PG&E incompetence bred by monopoly. How incompetent is it to find out your own power vault is full shortly before the school opens when they had years between planning and construction. Don’t PG&E know enough to check their own records? First time in the rodeo! To compound the problem, they just start tearing into a neighbor’s property, no permission, no communication. The mess PG&E left behind is not fixed. The neighbor’s property is still all torn up.

Posted by Steven Nelson
a resident of Cuesta Park
on Dec 19, 2019 at 3:55 pm

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since I'm retired and can 'endlessly comment' :)
I'm not going to vote for a new local MVWSD facilities bond. GIVE IT A REST for 2 years.

This problem was foreseeable and IMO represents a failure of administration. Not specifically The Superintendent and new/inexperienced Chief Business officer, but the BUCK does stop there - and with The TRUSTEES.

The New tax authorization measure- will 'fill up the coffers' now depleted from the previous bond Measure. More than 30 possible projects, no legally enforceable priorities! (according to the controlling bond Measure language and the state's Citizen Oversight Committee rules in statutory Codes). See the Voice press coverage on that.

BTW - the state in it's sovereignty (remember 'republic') allows school districts like MVWSD to use eminent domain powers to seize and pay for land needed for 'the public good'. Don't know how long that would have taken though.

Posted by Geraldine
a resident of Rengstorff Park
on Dec 19, 2019 at 3:58 pm

Funny how you never read many quotes from the Board Members any more. They all appear quiet as church mice. Wheeler and Blakley and especially Gutierrez couldn't shut up a few years back. Now you wonder if they even are doing their due diligence when a school goes without power for four months. November 2020 can't come fast enough. Time to clean house.

Posted by Greg Coladonato
a resident of Slater
on Dec 19, 2019 at 4:13 pm

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I'm just glad that's over with and everyone at Vargas can get back to teaching and learning, and supporting those two efforts, using the whole facility.

Posted by RoxieK
a resident of Slater
on Dec 19, 2019 at 10:42 pm

This debacle was the direct result of poor project management. Plain and simple. It is shameful that the school district tried to push blame onto the HOA. Another $150,000+ wasted. Why on God's green earth would anyone vote to give this school district even more money to mismanage. Vote NO on the upcoming school bond.

Posted by Old Steve
a resident of Rex Manor
on Dec 20, 2019 at 10:50 am

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I have to disagree with you and Jim Pollart. I work on projects with PG&E everyday. For a variety of reasons, many widely published, they are having trouble getting out of their own way. When that is the case, there is little their outside partners and customers can do about it. The District's only possible alternative would have been to not open the school on time. The HOA did what they thought they had to do, although as a member in another HOA I was somewhat disappointed by their responses.

Posted by Ebenezer Chuddi
a resident of Whisman Station
on Dec 21, 2019 at 6:26 am

Does anyone know what the carbon footprint was of the diesel generator?

The complete lack of competence from P&GE is their calling card. What is disappointing is the callous, self serving actions of the Superintendent. First he relocates a crony to be Principal. That guy scrams before school begins. Then, a school in planning for 3 years, he attempts to throw his tax payers under the school bus when P$GE illegally digs up their property. The whole thing stinks.

All them little children were inhaling diesel fuel emissions for months! Stanford should do a long range study on how much lower their grades will be in the long run. Makes me weep.

Posted by Ravi Iyer
a resident of Whisman Station
on Dec 26, 2019 at 7:52 am

What really bothers me is that back in August, the District Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph quickly blamed the HOA for the failures that can be directly attributed to the MVWSD and PG&E. You would think that the District Superintendent of a school district would, out of an abundance of caution, be fair to all parties concerned. Mr Rudolph clearly owes the HOA board an apology for throwing them under the bus.