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Guest opinion: A world burning up and underwater must finally act on climate change

Original post made on Aug 14, 2021

In a guest opinion, Paula Danz and Mark Reynolds of Citizens' Climate Lobby argue that the budget reconciliation bill should include "a robust price on carbon" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.

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Posted by Citizen
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on Aug 14, 2021 at 10:22 pm

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US’s political trajectory for 40 years has been incompatible with national investment, “promot[ing] the general welfare” or saving earth.

Reagan’s Big Lie of trickle-down economics, which his budget director admitted was a trojan horse for cutting top tax rates, began 40 years of failing to invest in national infrastructure & people. It increased power of the wealthiest & income inequality—taking the wealth & income from middle class&poor by the richest (see Pew Research “income inequality”). Even tho nonpartisan economic studies show the economy does better under Democrats for 100 years, still people get a FALSE idea about GOP and anything GOP are against (like stewardship of Creation) as bad for economics.

For decades GOP has done what rightwing operative Stuart Stephens calls “industrial lying” that has no equivalence on the left. GOP administrations get power mostly without winning majority or even the most votes, stacking the Supreme Court majority for 50 years that makes decision after decision in favor of the wealthiest against everyone else.

The GOP is so used to lying to everyone else & themselves, they don’t ever learn from GOP-caused disasters:
-2008 financial crisis after 8 years of near total GOP control in all branches of govt
-Millions of deaths&bankruptcies with US the only advanced nation without healthcare for all
-Hurricane Katrina
-Iraq war
-More Americans killed by guns since 1968 than all wars combined
-100,000’s more Americans dead from Covid because GOP made it about power
-Jan 6 assault on Congress & DC police
-Environmental devastation destroying earth which we cannot solve with GOP in power lying for plutocracy.

Like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Democrats always had power as the majority but never wield it long (flaky voters).

If you care about saving the planet, get seriously power literate, VOTE in EVERY election, don’t count on someone else to do it for you because then everyone thinks that & we all lose again.