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All is revealed

Original post made by Don Frances, Mountain View Voice Editor, on Jun 9, 2009

SOME READERS wondered about a cryptic message I put at the end of my column in the May 29 print edition: "Amazing Racers: Head for City Hall!" ("What the heck is that?" [Web Link GSB asked].)

I am now able to explain what this remark meant, why I put it there, and what it all has to do with TV news footage of Superintendent Maurice Ghysels playing guitar in the Shoreline Amphitheatre parking lot like some [Web Link errant Deadhead].

It all begins with the Amazing Race of Bubb Elementary School, a yearly treasure hunt-esque event put together, this time, by Bubb mom Cynthia Greaves.

"There were nine teams, eight families and a team of teachers, for a total of 45 racers," Greaves explained. (You might have noticed the racers by the green capes they were wearing.)

"The nine teams had to follow route information, delivered in verse, that would get them to a spot where they had to complete a challenge." These challenges included math, paddleboating, "smash ball with sodden sponges," and, following the "waveboard challenge," my own column as follows:

The next clue is so well hidden, you will rejoice / When you successfully find it buried in the Voice / For information hunting you must be a predator / Don't know where to start? Ask the editor

I love this stuff! Needless to say, [Web Link my column's clue] sent the caped racers off to City Hall.

Somewhere along the line, too, the racers wound up in the Amphitheatre parking lot, where they encountered merry troubadour Ghysels playing a very fine guitar. (Their challenge here involved singing the Bubb Spirit Song.) As it happens, this was the morning after the [Web Link Shoreline stabbings], and a KTVU news crew was there to talk to whoever was around. Why not interview the friendly school superintendent playing music in the parking lot?

By the way, Greaves said the event "raised more than $2,000 in bids from the silent auction," and that money will go towards the further education of Bubb kids.