Town Square

Awful gridlock at Rengstorff and Cristano/Central

Original post made by Fuming, Rex Manor, on Sep 21, 2007

It took me 15 minutes this evening to get from California Avenue to Central via Rengstorff, and I am fuming!!

What can be done about the horrible gridlock at Rengstorff and Central? It's the worst at Cristano, next to the park. It's basically an unregulated intersection. There are people on Cristano trying to get across Rengstorff, some trying to turn ONTO Rengstorff from Cristano, and other poor souls trying to turn onto Cristano from Rengstorff (coming from both directions).

During one light change, I went all of three car-lengths forward. Whoo hoo, what progress. Then a train came, delaying traffic even more.

OF course, the Wild Wild West nature of the intersection means that people do whatever they can to get where they need to go -- regardless of traffic laws and common courtesy. They block the intersection, turn when they don't have the right of way, and drive aggressively. After waiting 5 minutes in virtually one spot, who can blame them?

Is the city looking into improving this intersection at all? And if not, why not?