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'Instant' delivers results as queries are typed

Original post made by googlewatch, News on Mountain View's largest employer, on Sep 8, 2010

The blogosphere erupted yesterday in a jubilee of [Web Link speculation] as to just what that [Web Link crazy interactive Google doodle] was all about.

Many who visited the Google main page on Sept. 7 were met with an interactive Google logo, composed of red, yellow and blue circles, which scattered across the screen when the cursor touched the logo. The circles would continue to move so long as the cursor chased them and would not settle back into the Google logo until the cursor remained still.

Well, today, that has been all but forgotten, as the Mountain View-based search company has unveiled its latest innovation -- [Web Link Google Instant].

The new service which is being unrolled today in the U.S. is ostensibly designed to cut down on search time. Now instead of simply guessing what users might be searching for in that drop down text box, which begins offering options the moment a single letter is typed, the actual [Web Link search page] updates as more letters are added to a query. And it all happens before users even hit the "Google Search" key.

In an official [Web Link video] explaining "Google Instant," John Effrat, a product manager at Google, explains that it will help people get at what they want faster by showing images and descriptions of search results as users type.