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The question of Trains, Planes, Cars and Buses

Original post made by Garrett, another community, on Mar 20, 2012

High Speed Rail the question is do we build or not to build, how much will it cost, how many riders. I want to see how much it will cost like anyone else, I want to see how it will be built. The route, what stops, how it will be run, when need to see the facts and figures before any dirt get moved.

I also want to see the cost to build, maintain and expand our airports, taxiways, runways, and gates. The big question to me is how are we going to handle growth in the air.

Roads, we have traffic, how much more traffic and how are we going to handle more traffic. Yes I hear bike trips but how many miles do you expect one to ride a bike. Green cars, this is my problem if you get drivers to change out their gas driven car. Guess what, you will still have cars on the road, it is not the car, but the solo drivers, the trips per day, time lost in driving.

Buses, light rail, to build you much plan for people to ride, it needs to take people to where they want to go, not just routs on a map. Ridership needs to grow.

The question is do we add freeways, more bay bridges, high rises, more single family homes in some far off place so we can preserve our little area. Do we keep adding jobs and adding floors, space to growing companies.

How do we move people in 20 years time.


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Posted by Mike Laursen
a resident of Monta Loma
on Mar 21, 2012 at 9:39 pm

re: "How do we move people in 20 years time."

The only honest answer is, "We don't know." Friedrich Hayek described as "the fatal conceit" the idea that some central planning committee can steer something so complex, or the idea that we can just program all the factors into some central planning computer and out will pop the answer.

There has to be room for systems that work to grow organically, for them to start small, for many ideas to die because they are not very good while the few that are good succeed.