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MVWSD wants Your remodel to pay for Their remodel

Original post made by anonymous, Cuesta Park, on May 14, 2012

Anyone notice that the school board recently increased Developer Fees on residential construction and reconstruction to $2.13/sq ft?

See the statement below from the district website.

Of course, it doesn't say how much the previous developer fees were. After considerable searching, I found a NASA Research Park document that says the current fee is $1.37/sq foot.

That's a 55% increase.

So in addition to the $300 you'll be paying every year to fund the district's demolition and rebuilding of classroom that underwent major renovations 10 years ago, you'll also get to pay the district $1,000 for adding that extra bedroom.

From NASA document:

The Mountain View-Whisman School District receives a one-time impact fee
of $1.37/square foot for residential developments and $0.13/square foot for
office development in the District’s boundaries.

From MVWSD website:

Developer Fees

Update: The Governing Board of Mountain View Whisman School District at its regularly scheduled meeting on March 1, 2012, at 7:00 p.m., approved to implement an increase in development fees. These fees are established by the District and are assessed against residential construction and reconstruction at $2.13 per square foot and against new commercial or industrial construction at $.34 a square foot. The proposed fees are authorized by Education Code Section 17620 and Government Code Section 65995. The fee will become effective on May 1, 2012, which is 60 days after the proposed adoption of the resolution levying such fee by the Governing Board.

In September 1986, the Governor signed into law Assembly Bill 2926 (Chapter 887/Statutes 1986) which granted school district governing boards the authority to impose developer fees. This authority is codified in Education Code Section 17620 (formerly Government Code Section 53080) which states in part "...the governing board of any school district is authorized to levy a fee, charge, dedication or other form of requirement against any development project for the construction or reconstruction of school facilities."

The initial maximum fee that can be levied is adjusted every two years by the statewide index for Class B construction set by the State Allocation Board (“SAB”). There was no adjustment to the fee in January 2010 due to the housing construction downturn.

However, in January of 2012, the SAB increased the school fee to $3.20 ("Level I Fee") per square foot of assessable space for residential construction and $0.51 per square foot of chargeable covered and enclosed space for commercial and industrial construction.

The Mountain View Whisman School District was proactive in having a justification study completed in September 2011, in anticipation of the new fee in January 2012. In order to determine if the district is eligible to collect the fee, an enrollment projection must be completed, in addition to an analysis of the District’s current capacity to house students.

This study reflects that the District is currently over its capacity (4,691 students) and enrollments are projected to remain over capacity through the projection period.

The justification study demonstrates that the MVWSD is justified to collect the Level I Fees: residential construction per square foot ($3.20) and the commercial/industrial fee per square foot ($0.51).

Therefore, the BOE should adopt the resolution following a public hearing, and begin collecting the new fees per square foot as soon as eligible to do so. If the District adopts, by unanimous Board approval, an urgency resolution, the District can begin collecting the fees immediately, If no urgency resolution is adopted, the District is required to wait 60 days following the passing of the resolution to implement the fees.

Mountain View Whisman School District 750-A San Pierre Way, Mountain View, CA 94043 650.526.3500


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Posted by Rene
a resident of Castro City
on May 14, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Slight of hand by the district once again.
Just trust us. yeah right.

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Posted by district insider
a resident of Cuesta Park
on May 15, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Why was this tax increase imposed by MVWSD not reported in the Voice?