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Shoreline Drivers: Be Attentive and Alert

Original post made by Observer, Cuernavaca, on Sep 25, 2012

I almost saw two very small kids get hit today. It was at the intersection of Shoreline and Latham. A red VW GTI was making a left
onto Shoreline eastbound from southbound Latham. The signal changed, but the driver failed to realize that the pedestrian signal had also changed. The driver sped into his left, directly at the kids. The dad darted in between the car and the children trying to get the driver's attention and protect the kids. It was really, _REALLY_ close. The only reason I write this is because less than a yr ago I watched the same exact scenario at the same exact intersection, but that time the pedestrian was hit and laid in a lump on the road until the fire dept arrived. It was a sickening sight first thing in the morning back then, and I don't want to think what it would have looked like if it involved the 2 kids today.
Jeeze, is it really that difficult folks? SLOW DOWN!