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Whisman - public or private school?

Original post made by Steven Nelson, Cuesta Park, on Mar 2, 2013

Since Slater Elementary School was closed in the early 2000s, the North-East part of our community has not had a walkable public elementary school. As a Trustee of the MVWSD, I'd like to know if you think that should continue (Agenda Item on more new modulars under the private leases now there). Starting in December 2012, the MVWSD can give 18 months prior notice to end the leases, and then remodel the
Whisman School back into a K-5 public elementary. PACT for instance could move back into a large part of a newly renovated campus, maybe with a a second Dual Immersion (language) program.

Please write the Board, or better, write and attend the March 7 Thursday Board meeting (Item VII A. about 8 PM). Commenting here gets seen, but may not be as effective a way to "play politics". :)