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Google gets roasted on the Daily Show

Original post made by Googlewatch, News on Mountain View's largest employer, on Aug 18, 2010

Prominently featured in the Daily Show's segment on net-neutrality last night was Google headquarters in Mountain View and some notable local characters called the Raging Grannies.

Also featured was a classic Daily Show juxtaposition of past and present: comments made in 2006 by Google Vice President Vinton Cerf strongly supporting net neutrality were followed by a description of Google's latest proposed deal with Verizon, described as a separate internet for mobile phones that could allow service providers to give better online access to websites that pay for it.

Cerf's 2006 comments: "The biggest concern I have at this point is in the absence of some form of protection that the broadband service providers will be able to discriminate against the consumers as to which products and services they will be able to reach. We must preserve neutrality in this system in order to allow the new Google's of the world, new Yahoos, new Amazons to form."

Host Jon Stewart latched onto the last sentence, repeating it in a panicked voice to illustrate the company's "change in tone" with the Google-Verizon deal.

The segment ended with a humorous description of Google as a frightening company, and then set up the Raging Grannies, who protested the Verizon deal at Google on Friday, as the victim of the segment's final joke.

The segment can be watched [Web Link here.]