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READ Quest! Program

Original post made by Stacy Callahan 7 years old, Mountain View Resident, Blossom Valley, on Jul 14, 2013

This summer, I joined a Mountain View library reading program “READ Quest!”. This free reading program is for kids entering both third grade and fourth grade. There are four different themes, Mystery, Humor, Adventure and Fantasy.
One Tuesday, I went to the Mountain View library to do the adventure theme. When I got to the library, I didn’t know what to do. A volunteer told me to make a name tag and go into the Community room. In the Community room, the organizer Sharon McClintock who also is a librarian, welcomed me. I gave her my project that was about the book I picked to read from the READ Quest booklist. Around 20 kids were there at the the library. There were several helpful volunteers. I saw a table of adventure books that were already provided for us to pick.
First, We introduced ourselves, and also we talked about our hobbies.
Second, Sharon McClintock read a folktale about pirates to us. A high school student played a violin to us to go with the story. Third, we did some drama and put on crazy costumes. Then we did pirate moves.
Forth, we were separated into groups. I shared comments about my book ‘’Hatchet’’ to our group. There was something funny. I was going to show them my book, but Benson a volunteer had the book , so we came to listen to him talk about ‘’Hatchet’’. Soon, everybody was listening to Benson.
Last, when it was time to go, I found a book ’’Island of the blue dolphin’’, that was already provided in the Community room. Several weeks ago, I wanted to get the book, but I couldn’t find it. Now I have it!
On Saturday when my family went to the library, I proudly showed them the project I did!
At first, I thought I wouldn’t like adventure books, but after the theme, I liked them much more. I recommend this program to ages 7 to 9.