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Politics of hate and ignorance

Original post made by michael casey, another community, on Oct 5, 2008

I cannot vote for him, he was in jail. 5years in the Hanoi Hilton, he could have been brain washed, he can never be commander in chief, he was in jail just like a thief.
I cannot vote for him because he's a Musalim and just look at the colour of his skin. No I cannot vote for him.
If he was a sports star now that would be different because all sports stars have the same colour of the skin, dollars is the colour of the skin, or should I say liquid gold.
Now if a sports star ran for president I'd vote for him, because of all the time he spent in a gym.
Though look what happened to OJ, he's ended up in jail. Where one begun his campaign for office the other has ended,
President is the highest office, so perhaps we should all raise our game. Infantile bigotory does NOT help anybody's case, this is more than a race its a marathon. The world economy is in tatters because nodody was honest enough to look at the balance sheet first, just mortgage this mortgage that, lets give a mortgage to the company cat, it does not matter we can bundle them all up, and sell everybody a pup. Now the chickens have come home to roost, the eggs have all been smashed but its no omelette, we are all in tin pan alley bumming a dime, because there were no rules to shout hey this is a crime. Instead we cut off our nose to spite our face and then its all used in a Presidential Race.
COME ON AMERICA RISE ABOVE THE GUTTER AND LOOK AT THE STARS, its in all of you to sort this mess out, but can you love your neighbour like yourself or will you be like a drowning man and kill the smimmer sent to save you.

michael casey
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Posted by michael casey
a resident of another community
on Oct 5, 2008 at 9:31 am

Think AS You Watch TV

By Michael Casey ?

As we sit in our armchairs watching the news , do we care what is going on over there , in some place hot , too hot to think about , or too cold to bear , ice and snow everywhere . Are we just waiting for the sports report , are we waiting to see was the battle hard or a walkover , did our favourite player score a home run , or 10 touchdowns , were the crowd , the audience behind him , did we win 100dollars from the bet we had on the side . In the interviews after the war was won , were we just watching to see the design on the teams shirt , is that a new logo , is that the same logo spruced up . Or is it a new logo entirely , does it make any difference in how the team played , or just another million dollars in the owners pocket , paid by us the audience , the fans , just so we can all look so identical . The reporters are screaming loudly , half excited and half in fear , they want to watch , they want to cover their eyes , but they are there so they must report . Are they in some arid desert , or in some cold cold place , pain and fear and hope etched on their face , are they in some war zone , or at the stadium , if all we heard were just their words , could we tell the difference , do we care , so long as we can switch it all off with our remote control .

Just a little food for thought , you can read my Betting On Disaster