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Bad-tasting water due to Hetch Hetchy water reductions
Local cities' residents who have been complaining about nasty-tasting water coming from their taps can blame it on water... Last comment 3 hours ago | 5 comments

Water district plans to use Waverly Park homes for homeless
Homeless encampments are a common sight along Stevens Creek in Mountain View. In the southern end of the city near Waverly... Last comment 17 hours ago | 37 comments

Cleanup gear malfunctions at Moffett Field
In a squabble between Moffett Field's federal agencies, NASA officials are complaining that a U.S. Navy treatment system... Last comment on Dec 5, 2016 at 4:53 pm | 12 comments

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MayView clinic picks up where RotaCare left off
It's been seven months since El Camino Hospital closed the doors on Mountain View's RotaCare clinic, but patients in need of affordable health care services haven't had to search far for a replacement. The MayView Community Health Center has been the thriving and busy clinic for the uninsured, the successor of RotaCare for those who need to see a doctor but can't afford it.
Wednesday, 1:50 PM

Signs of the season

Ramirez, Cox tapped for planning commission seats

Cold, wet weather in this week's forecast

Be cautious when using space heaters, says PG&E

Bad-tasting water due to Hetch Hetchy water reductions

Holiday Fund: Rising demand for CHAC's services


Nocturnal Animals
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Nocturnal Animals The bad breakup of a relationship, even one without violence, may not rise to the intense level of PTSD, but the lingering effects can tenaciously haunt a person. That's the central conceit of "Nocturnal Animals," a moody and deeply unsettling look a...... Read the full review

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