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School board ditches shared campus plans
Construction plans that would have created facilities shared by Theuerkauf and Stevenson Elementary fell through last week,... Last comment 16 hours ago | 35 comments

Tenants' group launches outreach campaign
Tenants' advocates are launching a new outreach campaign this weekend as part of an effort to get a rent-stabilization measure... Last comment 8 hours ago | 54 comments

MV Whisman board struggles to balance enrollment
The Mountain View Whisman School District doubled down on efforts to balance enrollment across all the elementary schools... Last comment on Apr 25, 2016 at 11:01 am | 40 comments

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"California Burning"
View of Half Dome from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Normally, on a night like this, the sky would be full of stars. At a time like this (September), a thick band of stars constituting the Milky Way would be clearly visible. But the raging wildfires have blotted everything out. Submitted by Prasenjit Sengupta on Sep 13, 2015

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How a front yard turned into an elephant habitat
Some homeowners deck their yards with garden gnomes; others go for pink flamingos. Christina Yin and Michael Maung have all those yard decorations beat, in terms of size at least. The front yard at their Spring Street house is quickly becoming a menagerie of elephant statues. Thursday, 10:59 PM

MV-Whisman teacher negotiations stalled

Much-criticized mediation program wins council approval

Man arrested for package theft on Monroe Drive

Surf Air: New flight path will avoid Midpeninsula

Report urges big increase in preschool, child care access

What's all this racket about pickleball?


Miles Ahead
Whole star Whole star Whole star
Miles Ahead Where to begin? And where to end? And what to do with all that middle? These are the questions that plague and invigorate any writer, and perhaps especially those who task themselves with the responsibility of telling the story of a real-life genius....... Read the full review

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