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Sheriff's second-in-command indicted in gun-permit scandal
A Santa Clara County grand jury indictment has brought accusations that staff in Sheriff Laurie Smith's inner sanctum have... Last comment on Nov 24, 2020 at 9:30 am | 7 comments

Monthlong curfew to start in Santa Clara County Saturday night
Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday a limited stay-at-home order for California that will go into effect Saturday night... Last comment on Nov 23, 2020 at 9:10 pm | 14 comments

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"Rainy day rainbow"
Bethani Semple find coverage under her Cirque du Soleil rainbow umbrella as she walks down Castro Street. On her way to Book Buyers, Semple says she enjoys the rain. Submitted by Michelle Le on May 17, 2010


Santa Clara County officials plead with residents to avoid Thanksgiving gatherings
Santa Clara County officials pleaded with residents Wednesday to avoid social gatherings and traveling for Thanksgiving as new cases of COVID-19 surge in the county and across the state.
Wednesday, 2:45 PM | 1 comments

Holiday Fund: In a time of crisis, CSA steps up to the plate
For the last eight months, Mountain View's social safety net has been stretched to its absolute limit. Community Services Agency (CSA), has been the city's tool for helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Wednesday, 1:54 PM

Santa Clara County to step up enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions for holiday weekend
Black Friday shopping, just like almost everything else in 2020, will look very different this year -- no crowds, no late-night in-person sales and no camping out in front of stores before they open. Tuesday, 4:37 PM | 7 comments

Coronavirus central: Santa Clara County leaders urge caution against COVID-19 as cases, hospitalizations rise
The recent spike in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Santa Clara County is more evidence that residents should avoid gathering for the holidays. Wednesday, 3:36 PM

California expects $26 billion windfall, despite coronavirus
The good news: The recession California officials predicted in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic has not been as dire as they thought it would be. The bad news: The $26 billion windfall reveals a
stark economic divide. Wednesday, 12:32 PM

Stanford releases Title IX report as university navigates concerns around new federal regulations
Stanford received 92 fewer reports of sexual misconduct in 2019-20 than the prior school year, though the drop is attributed to the fact that the campus was closed for nearly half of the reporting period due to the pandemic. Tuesday, 4:07 PM

Inmates file fraudulent unemployment claims estimated to cost state $1B
A collaborative investigation across California has found inmates filed 35,003 fraudulent claims for federal funding to assist people out of work due to the pandemic. Wednesday, 1:24 PM

Governor calls California's latest surge in COVID-19 cases 'unprecendented'
California's latest surge of COVID-19 infections is "unprecedented," Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday, as new cases and hospitalizations have skyrocketed in recent weeks.
Tuesday, 1:15 PM

Mountain View launches its first 'online mall' to help local businesses during pandemic
A new hyper-local website launched Friday gives shoppers a way to patronize small Mountain View businesses during the pandemic. Tuesday, 1:03 PM | 2 comments

Crab for Christmas? Dungeness crab season delayed to mid-December

Calling for 'increased vigilance,' Stanford to require COVID-19 testing for all on-campus employees

Cantor Arts Center head is asked to leave

Santa Clara County's undersheriff, Apple security chief, businessman indicted in bribery schemes

Marissa Mayer rebrands startup, introduces new contact list app

Monthlong curfew to start in Santa Clara County Saturday night

Schools can remain open, despite Santa Clara County's new coronavirus restrictions

Fentanyl deaths rising steeply, county officials say

Santa Clara County to receive $4.1M in settlement with Apple over iPhone batteries

Mountain View City Council approves six-story condos, ratcheting up neighborhood density

Red Rock Coffee purchased by new owner, saving the struggling business

Santa Clara County Supervisors support building a new mental health facility over a new jail

Magical Bridge playground welcomes back visitors this week

Sheriff's office refusal to allow access to records may call for subpoena

Santa Clara County launches virtual teen mental health program during the coronavirus pandemic

Santa Clara County offering free flu test with COVID testing

California joins Oregon, Washington asking people to limit travel, self-quarantine over spiking COVID-19 cases


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