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Editorial: Your friend, not enemy
In an effort to focus public attention on the dangers of the President Donald Trump's attacks, we join in an unprecedented... Last comment 37 minutes ago | 48 comments

Contested race ahead for Mountain View Whisman
Voters in the Mountain View Whisman School District will get to choose between four candidates for two seats on the school... Last comment 8 hours ago | 21 comments

Police data shows 2018's most dangerous intersections
In a bid to increase transparency and communication about traffic safety, the Mountain View Police Department announced plans... Last comment on Aug 17, 2018 at 6:57 pm | 23 comments

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BlacKkKlansman "Do we always have to talk politics?" a man asks. "What's more important?" a woman replies. This exchange in the new Spike Lee joint "BlacKkKlansman" sums up the director's own sweet spot as an artist. No, he doesn't always have to talk politics, but...... Read the full review

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August 17, 2018
August 17, 2018 edition

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August 10, 2018
August 10, 2018 edition

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