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Incredibles 2
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Incredibles 2 The long-awaited sequel “Incredibles 2" fails to reach the heights Pixar's best but remains impressive all the same. It has the hype, cinematic and CGI-animated craft, top vocal talent, and narrative competence. It's just that -- as written a...... Read the full review

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"P-3 Orion and "Hangar One"
Submitted by Shino on Jun 10, 2012

A&E Features

Un-American activities
Joe Gilford's "Finks" is a slightly fictionalized story of what his parents (comics and activists Jack Gilford and Madeline Lee Gilford) experienced during the Hollywood blacklistings of the 1950s. Thursday, 12:02 PM

Paintings by Steve Curl
In February, local artist Steve Curl was selected to be Zion National Park's artist-in-residence. The fruits of his experience are currently on display at the Pacific Art League. Thursday, 12:06 PM

A tuneful tradition
Each Father's Day, University Avenue is closed to traffic and the streets of Palo Alto are alive with the sound of music of all sorts. Thursday, 12:01 PM

A guide to summer jazz
Summertime is golden for live jazz on the Peninsula. Thursday, 11:54 AM

Renaissance woman
This Friday, artist Rebecca Schiffman will drop by KZSU's studio to chat, perform a few acoustic songs and premiere a brand-new single. Tuesday, 10:59 AM

Palo Alto restaurants cited for $5M in wage thefts
The owners of downtown Palo Alto restaurants Rangoon Ruby and Burma Ruby have been ordered by the state labor commissioner's office to pay $5 million in wage theft violations for failing to pay hundreds of workers minimum wage, overtime and split shift premiums. Friday, 12:01 PM

Shadows in 'The Valley'
"The Valley" tells the story of a wealthy Indian-American family living in Atherton. The successful, picture-perfect Kumars seem to have it all but are devastated by the shocking suicide of college freshman Maya. Thursday, 2:44 PM

Los Altos Stage Company shines with 'Pippin'
If you're looking for an odd, funny, rather magical way to spend an evening, head to the Bus Barn Theater and catch Los Altos Stage Company's production of the musical "Pippin." Thursday, 2:42 PM

A Korean introduction
Despite its pedestrian storefront, So Gong Dong Tofu House is immensely popular and one of the only restaurants in the area specializing in authentic Korean sundubu-jjigae, or soft tofu soup. Thursday, 2:40 PM

Breaking from the herd
Kal Morsey is obsessed with water buffalo. The Egyptian native, one-time commodities trader and longtime Los Altos Hills resident wants you to be obsessed with water buffalo too, namely with their creamy, protein-rich milk. Friday, 3:23 PM | 1 comments

Getting it down on paper
The Anderson Collection is featuring "Salon Style: Collected Marks on Paper," which features drawings, collages and paintings. Thursday, 11:25 AM

Bridging the generation gap
It's funny how stories that might seem unremarkable if they were spooled out in a traditionally chronological manner take on resonance and intrigue when they unfold backward, giving the listener/viewer a peek into the past. Thursday, 11:21 AM

Busy as a bee
Beekeeper Aiden Wing demonstrates how he harvests honey during the Homesteader's Faire at Hidden Villa in Los Altos on Saturday, May 26.
Wednesday, 5:53 PM

'Noir' by the Bay

Restaurant renaissance

Menlo Park approves project to rebuild the Guild